Well, we have been going back and forth with the guy in Puerto Rico who failed to send the proper pins & shims for the bucket of the excavator.  He’s finally located them in the yard and is supposedly sending them on Monday.   We only have the pins for the hammer, and don’t need the hammer yet!


Really need those pins and shims!

Wayne did manage to get some excavation done, as he continued working up the old driveway.  We did manage to get the silt fence down, so as soon the proper pins arrive, we’re back in business.


Old driveway “re-excavated”

My friend Mike left behind his GoPro3 and foolishly entrusted me with his new drone.  I took it up to the site this afternoon to finally get a  peek at the view which has been eluding me for about 8 months and counting now.

I launched the drone enabled GoPro3 in a nice “hole” in the canopy and while the day was not ideal for filming, and my skills are clearly lacking, I did manage to get the following video which gives a glimpse of the epic nature of the panoramic view we will have once we’re done.  For reference, the height of the drone is about half between the bottom and top of the site.

Yes, the quality is lacking, but the view is absolutely out of this world!  I can’t wait to get a clear day and also capture some sunrise and moon rise videos from the site.


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