A bit late on the post, but I wanted to wait until we actually poured our footings for the first two buildings.  In a feeble attempt to curry favor with the major concrete supplier on St. Thomas, I visited their offices a week ago Monday and gave them a very large check.  Now we’re only 3 weeks out on their schedule.

In order to keep moving forward, we decided to get a few yards delivered via a “mini batch” truck to pour the footings so we can do more forming.  A “mini batch” truck has all the ingredients for making concrete and is “fully” automated.  Sounds like a really cool idea, but in practice, it was pretty much a complete pain in the keister.  For being “fully automated”, there certainly was a ton of manual labor involved in getting concrete out of that thing.

So, although this pour had originally been scheduled for this past Wednesday with the mini batch truck,  a tropical wave passed by on that day, and we were forced to postpone.  After rescheduling, the best date we could get was yesterday morning.  Yesterday morning became yesterday afternoon, and then transitioned into yesterday evening.  I hung around waiting for the trucks and had decided it was not happening and proceeded to head home around 5:30PM.

On the way home, I rounded a blind curve and almost got taken out by two concrete mini batch plant trucks on their way to the site.  So, I turned around and followed them back to the site.


As you can see, it is starting to get a bit dark.  The trucks finally got to the site at 6:30PM.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been to St. John, but when the sun goes down, it gets dark.   Really, really dark, really, really quickly.  Great for stargazing, but not ideal conditions for pouring concrete.


The “yard” mixer attaches to the pumper truck



The sun is setting as the guys are getting the pipes in place

The portable batch truck, mixes the concrete right there in the truck and dumps it into the hopper of the pumper truck which then pushes it through a hose.  The first pour is the 1BR Cistern footing next to where the excavator is parked.

As you can see, by the time everything was set up and finally running, it got really dark!

These pictures were taken 30 minutes apart…


The guys worked tirelessly and finally finished around 10pm!  Fortunately, they caught the last boat back to St. Thomas at 11pm.  They were at the site bright and early this morning pulling off the forming wood from the 2BR tower villa.


They have stripped all the footing forms and are on their way to forming the cistern of the 1BR villa,


Cistern Footing

and the footings for the “Tower”,


Tower Footings

rear support wall of the Tower Villa forming half way completed.


Rear wall footings

While this pour was not ideal, it bought us the necessary time before we get our first delivery of concrete from Heavy Materials/US Concrete as it will take us a few weeks to get the walls formed for the 2BR house and for the large shared cistern on the 1BR villa.

We should begin excavation of the 2, 2BR villas which over look the pool in the coming week!

St. John could really, really use its own concrete batch plant!


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