We have our first multi mixer truck pour coming up on Friday.  The team has been busy this week and will be working hard to make sure we’re ready!  We probably have three more days worth of forming work to do this week before the trucks show up on Friday.  The plan is to be ready by the close of the work day on Wednesday and then take Thursday off.

If we still have work to do, well, there’s always Thursday.

As we move forward, I realize it will become harder and harder to keep track of which villa I’m talking about!  Here’s a quick reference of the three we’re currently concentrating our efforts on:


We have three major items we’ll be pouring this week:

1) The stem walls for the tower villa:

FullSizeRender_1 (2)

Tower Villa Stem Wall Forms

2) The floor of the cistern for the upper 1BR unit.

Since there is no water line where we’re building, we have to catch our own water.  This is called a catchment system.  The cistern stores the water.   Then,the water catchment system for both units will feed into the shared cistern.  Cistern sizing and capacity is calculated using the square footage of catchment structure (roof) you have in place.   The cistern for the upper 1BR is designed to hold 30,420 gallons of water.

If a gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds, this structure will need to hold 253,000 pounds of water, or approximately 127 tons.  That is some serious pressure.  In order to take a bit of the pressure off of the exterior walls, there is a dividing wall which separates the cistern into two mirror image water storage tanks to combat the pressure of so much water weight.  Conduits between the two tanks keep the water level equal between the two tanks.


Cistern blueprint

Within the footprint of the cistern slab, there is also an equipment room which will house the pressure tanks, pump and filters for the plumbing along with the lithium backup battery and electronics for the solar production of both this unit as well as the upper 2BR Tower villa.

Here’s Conner hanging out in the cistern floor after we poured the cistern slab footings.


Cistern Excavation and footing

Here’s where we ended today.  As you can see, we back filled the floor after pouring the footing and have now covered that area in plastic and formed the perimeter of the cistern floor slab.  With a web of steel re-bar covering the floor, the team also installed re-bar extending up to provide an anchor point for the exterior and interior walls.


Cistern and Equipment Room

3)  The footings for pool side #1 villa.  We finished excavating the first of the 2, 2BR poolside villas last week.   The elevations have been “shot” and the 2×4’s you see make sure the building is perfectly square.  By Wednesday, the forms should be in place for the footings.


Pool side villa #1 – A 2BR/2BA beauty soon come!

After this pour, we’ll be striping off the forms and then begin cranking on the Tower Villa main floor and porch, 1BR cistern walls and stem walls for the first  2BR.  Wayne is now moving onto excavation of the 2nd 2BR pool side villa.

On a side note, Wayne was complaining about our bucket having the biting capability of a 90 year old man.


Old Teeth

So, we wanted to give the bucket a bit more bite.  We ordered some serious chompers and installed them early last week.  That is why the excavation on the 2BR pool side villa took one day…not three.


Serious chompers

Well, that’s all for this week!  Should have some nice pics next Sunday.  Enjoy football everyone!

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