I had considered writing several posts this week as the team was really crushing it.  If we can get concrete reliably, we will be really picking up the pace.

In the last post, Shiraz and his team spent the first 4 days forming the cistern slab, the stem walls for the tower villa and footings for the 1st of 2 pool side 2BR/2BA villas.   The team was ready for the pour on Friday which went off perfectly.  While we did not get all the concrete we requested, we did get most of it.  5 Trucks with very nice ready mix were delivered in the morning and on time.  Each mixer truck can hold 10 cubic yards, but due to the steep slope of our terrain down here, 8 is really the maximum so we ended up with 40 total yards.   Quite a change from our first pour in pitch dark!  Here’s the pump truck which takes the cement from the mixer truck and pumps it through a series of pipes to where it is needed.

It’s a beautiful Friday, and time for the pour.


Pump Truck

Here’s the first mixer backing up to the pumper truck’s hopper.  Game on!



Here’s a short video of the pouring process.  The guys are wrestling the hose like a big anaconda full of grey gold.

And, viola!  The finished product.


Cistern slab complete

The tower villa was next in queue and it went smoothly.


Walkway substrate and rear stem wall

The tower also received its share and we had just enough to complete the job.


Tower Stem Wall

We were also able to pour the footings for the tower villa we were not able to complete on our first pour.


Tower Villa Column Footing

On Saturday morning, we added an additional 4 men to the crew.  Along with our core team, they spent the day removing the forming from the freshly poured concrete.


Stripping the forms from the stem walls


Stripping the forms from the Tower

The guys also were able to begin forming the interior form for the cistern walls.


Beginning to form the upper 1BR Cistern

Sunday…  What a difference a day makes…

Here is the a portion of the interior wall form for the cistern wall.  Notice the rods extending from the plywood forms.


Interior of upper 1BR Cistern being formed

These stirrups keep a proper distance two layers of plywood.  Of course, they also provide support against the weight of the concrete between the plywood forms.


Stirrups for maintaining proper distance between form layers

This is a really tall cistern, but will give the upper 1BR villa epic views.


This cistern will supply the Tower Villa and Upper 1BR

The team also made good progress in forming the slab for the tower villa.  You can also see the forms for the columns in the upper left of the picture.


Forming the floor slab and support columns for the tower villa

The walkway to the tower villa has been completed for this phase of the build.


Walkway and rear Tower villa stem wall


That’s about it for this week!  We have a barge arriving on Tuesday with 18 tons of steel, multiple bundles of plywood and about 500 2×4’s.

The next pour is scheduled a week from Friday and we’re targeting  the tower villa slab and porch, walls and porch and the 1BR cistern walls.


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