We had a bit of a snafu week before last with our steel and lumber order, but got the #6 rebar we needed for creating the Tower villa slab beams on Wednesday.  Thursday was a bit of a bust as Hurricane Matthew passed well to our South, but he still managed to give us some wind and a bit of rain which halted progress for awhile.

The focus for this week was on the Tower Villa slab and excavating the 2nd 2BR poolside villa.  While we completed most of the forming for the Tower villa slab last week,  there are several tons of steel to tie in order to be ready for the next pour.

Here’s a picture of how we finished the week.  All the beams are laid out and the first of two rebar lattice structures are in place.  After the plumber and electrician do their thing, we’ll be ready to pour concrete.  The slab, cantilevered porch and support columns will be poured in one 50 yard pour which equals approximately 6 mixer trucks worth of concrete.


Steel lattice work and beams for Tower Villa slab

Here’s a closer picture of the beams and steel lattice.   It still looks a bit “lumpy”,  but before the pour, the crew will place 2″ blocks of concrete underneath the steel beams and lattice so it will be raised up and end up being “suspended” in the middle of the slab.


Beams and steel lattice for slab

The following picture shows the intersection of two of the slab beams and one of the support columns which is tied into the column footing we poured several weeks ago.


Intersection of slab beams and support column steel

Since the porch will end up being cantilevered (suspended in the air), we have a lot of temporary wood underneath the main floor to support all of the wood forms for the slab and porch above.  You can see the column forms approximately 10′ from the edge of the porch.  After this slab is formed, we will leave the forms in place for 3 weeks in order for the concrete to harden sufficiently before we remove all of the wood.  It looks kind of crazy right now, but all of this will be gone 3 weeks after the pour.


Here’s a close up of one of the support column forms.


Column form resting upon footing

While the crew was focusing on finishing up the steel work for the Tower Villa slab, Wayne continued his excavation activities by hammering out the cistern for the 2nd 2BR Poolside villa.  The excavator has a pretty wicked hammer, so it did not take too long.  We will have plenty of stone for walls and decorative wall accents.


Excavating Pool Side 2BR Villa #2


A lot of rock to hammer for the 2nd 2BR Poolside Villa Cistern

The 1BR Cistern continues to take shape, and the team will finish with the steel lattice work for the 1′ thick cistern walls.  The team will then close up the form with another layer of plywood, and when we get concrete, we’ll fill it up!


Upper 1BR Cistern Walls

This week the team will finish up the Tower Villa slab and work on finishing the 1BR Cistern walls!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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