Since we still have about 2 1/2 weeks before we get our next batch of concrete, we’ve got a smaller crew working to complete the cistern walls prior to our scheduled pours.  We should be running full tilt after those two pours as we’ll have a few weeks of work before needing additional concrete.   By that time, St. John Concrete should be cranking up production!


It was a beautiful day today and I had to capture a panoramic shot from the porch of the tower villa.  I can’t wait to get some concrete so we can begin building UP again!



View from the Tower Villa porch

The cistern walls themselves are a work of engineering.  There are two steel grids in between the forms which are formed with #5 rebar (thick) tied 4″ apart.  Normally, the spacing between the rebar is 6″ – 8″.


#5 rebar spaced at 4″ apart

There are about two tons of steel being deployed to form the wall.  This structure will be extremely strong.  You can see the beginning of the exterior wall forms going in at the bottom of the structure.  Once that is done, just add about 60 cubic yards of concrete and you’ll have a massive cistern structure.


Cistern Walls – Ready for exterior wall form panels

The forms on the left of this picture are for the equipment/storage room which will serve this 1BR villa and the upper 2BR Tower villa.  You can see where the entry door to the equipment area will be located.  As the exterior wall forms are placed, this door cutout becomes a cavity in the wall.  Once you remove the forms, viola, you have a door opening!


West facing cistern wall with storage area on left

Given our concrete delay, Wayne also took advantage and took the week off as he completed the excavation of the 2nd 2BR pool side villa cistern.  A few more days of clean up, and the team will be ready to form the footings for the shared villa cistern.


2BR Poolside Villa Cistern Excavation


Not a bad view from one of the 2BR Pool side villas

Today was an unusually beautiful day.  It was so clear, you could easily make out the Baths on Virgin Gorda.


I also downloaded this cool iPhone app, Artisto, and ran the above image through one of the cool filters that come with the app.


I think this would make some nice art work for one of the villas!

Have a great Sunday!


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