With quite a bit of rain over the past few weeks, St. John is a verdant green, and we have been gifted with some spectacularly clear days.  Jason, our photographer friend, paid us a visit last week with his drone and his photographer savant father in tow.  Should have some great drone video in the next few weeks, but here is a sneak peak of one of the drone shots.


Picture Point Drone Shot

Shiraz, Bruce and the team are moving with expertise and speed with the only real impediment being availability of concrete.

We currently have 4 buildings under construction with 3 of the 4 buildings waiting concrete to advance to the next phase of construction.  With our next pour scheduled for Friday, we should be able to pour the upper 1BR cistern this week.  Fingers crossed!

Here is the upper 1BR cistern waiting for concrete.  After this is poured, we can form the floor slab for this villa.


Upper 1BR cistern waiting on concrete

Both of the 2BR Poolside villas are awaiting concrete before being able to move to the next stage of construction.  Here’s the first of the 2BR pool side villas with the stem walls formed.  Once these are poured, we’ll form the floor slab for this villa.


Stem walls formed and waiting on concrete

The first 2BR Poolside villa does not have a cistern and will share a cistern with the 2nd 2BR poolside villa.  The cistern slab for this villa is now ready to go.  Once it is poured, we will reuse the forms from the upper 1BR cistern to form these cistern walls.


Cistern slab ready for pouring on 2nd 2BR Poolside Villa

While we’re awaiting concrete, Shiraz, Bruce and the crew started forming the Tower villa walls.  These initial wall forms will extend another 4-5 feet above what is shown to create a total interior wall height of 11′ 6″.   Soaring ceilings with plenty of glass with full air conditioning will allow guest to truly enjoy the epic views in complete comfort.

The following picture shows the interior form of the southern facing wall.  The rectangle on the top right of the wall is a large bathroom window cutout and will create a void in the poured wall for subsequent placement of the window after the exterior form is put into place and the form filled with concrete.  We will form the walls, roof and support columns simultaneously to tie it all together with one, large pour.


Southern wall with bathroom window in place

Here’s the Southern elevation for the Tower Villa.  You can see the bathroom window on the left side of the picture.


The same process is applied to the opposite bathroom wall.


North facing wall with initial column form for bedroom #2

Here’s the Eastward view from the 2 BR.  These spaces will be filled with glass doors and windows reaching 9′ 4″ in height with glass railings on the covered porch to guarantee pristine, unencumbered, endless views.


View from Bedroom #2


View from Master Bedroom


View from Living Room

Here’s what the East facing front of the villa will look like upon completion.


Tower Villa Elevation


Rear of Tower Villa.

You can see the cutout for the door to the storage room shown on the right side of the elevation drawing below.


Tower with entrance to David’s safe place 🙂

Wayne also began excavation of the pool this week, but was limited by rain.  He’s still got a good lead on the crew, but they are chasing him across the site hard.

With a steady supply of concrete, we could be moving faster, but having several structures simultaneously under construction does give us some flexibility in work.  St. John concrete cannot get started fast enough!

I’ve also included a short video I took this afternoon… Enjoy!


Have a great Sunday!


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