It is soggy here.  Very soggy.  We’ve gotten 6″ over the last 7-8 days and just got another 1″ about 4AM this morning!  The plants are very happy, but the island is simply saturated.


Everyone is seeking a little shelter from the rain

We were scheduled to receive 80 yards of concrete on Friday, but that has been postponed until the 19th when we’ve been promised 100 yards of concrete.  Three of the four structures are still awaiting concrete before we can move forward with them, but we continue to persevere and make progress with a reduced crew of 6 guys.

Since we did get the Tower villa main floor slab poured a few weeks ago, Sheraz and the crew have been focused on forming the walls, roof and tower for the Tower villa.


Henry, Sheraz and yours truly  on roof of covered porch

The excavator sits idle while we wait for some dry weather before continuing excavation of the pool.  It is simply too wet to operate that machine on wet terrain.


Nothing happening here until it dries out!

While the rain has stymied our efforts to take that next big leap forward, we should have the roof, walls and columns forming finished by the end of this week for the tower villa.  Then we’ll really need concrete before we can move forward.  The ceiling height is 11′ 8″ throughout  most of the villa and large windows will let in plenty of light.  Just to give you some perspective, here’s Lori showing just how large and tall some of these windows will be.  The bathroom window extends to 6″ below the ceiling.


Lori giving us perspective on how big the bathroom windows really are!

Here’s the view from the other side of the bathroom to give you an idea of where the window starts. The interior form is completely in place.  We’ll finish this wall by tying steel all around this and then close up the walls and wait for concrete.


Tower storage door and window “frame” for bathroom

The scaffolding is in place for the ceiling forms and should be complete this week.


Moving forward with the ceiling forms

The forming plywood for the covered porch is now in place.  It may look cramped now, but will have soaring ceilings.



Ceiling forms going up!

Once the ceiling and column forms are in place, we’ll be waiting on concrete for 4 out of 4 structures…

That’s all for now.  I hope everyone has a great week!



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