100 Yards * 4,000 lbs per cubic yard = 400,000 lbs.  Yes, that’s almost 1/2 MILLION pounds of concrete poured on Saturday!

Although all of it did not go directly to the project…

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that our greatest challenge to date has been a reliable supply of concrete.  There is a great need for a local batch plant, and we’ve partnered with our friend Adam to start St. John Concrete to compete with the monopoly on St. Thomas and provide a much needed service and jobs to the local community.

However, we had a small chicken and egg type of problem.   We needed to pour a 30 yard slab to hold our computer controlled, bad ass batch plant.



The end of our concrete woes…

Since we don’t have a batch plant to make our own concrete, and there is only one source to buy from, we figured they’d probably not be too interested in pouring a slab to enable their competition.

So, we redirected a few of the trucks headed to Picture Point on Saturday and poured our pad.  Score one for the home team.

With four mixer trucks on the way from Nebraska for St. John Concrete, the next pour at Picture Point will be with home grown product.

Here’s a little slide show I put together as the guys whipped the old yard into shape.  Bruce, Sheraz, Wayne and the rest of the crew really stepped up and got the pad ready to pour in about 48 hours.  An amazing effort by some of the hardest working, dedicated guys I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

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The slab took about 35 yards of concrete, but we had plenty for our cistern walls which equaled about 60 yards.  The cistern is now completed and you’re looking at 240,000 pounds of concrete between the wooden forms.


Upper 1BR Cistern poured!

Tomorrow, we’ll strip off the cistern forms and reuse them for the cistern on one of the pool side villas.  We had about 5 yards left in the trucks and used it in one of the stem walls of the 2BR/2BA poolside villas.

Work continues on the tower villa main walls, ceiling/terrace, the tower and stairs going up to the roof top terrace.


We also removed most of the forms from the slab pour on the tower villa.  Another day and it will be cleared out and clean.  We will reuse all of the plywood forms and 2 x 4’s on the next slab!

The team has plenty of work in front of them before we need another pour.  They will focus on finishing up the tower villa main structure and forming the slab for the upper 1BR villa.  St. John Concrete should be up and running by mid-December and the timing should work out perfectly.  Onward and upward.

Have a great Thanksgiving week!



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