Sorry for the delay!  A late night Denver game kept me somewhat distracted…

After a few nice days, the rain has returned, and we woke up to a cool 69 degrees.  Nothing will get done today, unless its some on-line bargain hunting.  The team got in about 4 days of work this week as we had several days of at least limited rain.  Hopefully, we’ll get a few days in this week.

The team did manage to get almost all of the plyform (plywood used for building forms) off of the upper 1BR cistern.  The next step is to seal all of the penetrations from the snap-ties which held the inner and outer forms at a uniform width.  The team will then coat the outer walls of the concrete with a tar like sealant.  We will then back fill a portion with large gravel, into which will be buried a perforated 4″ tube which will collect and route away any excess water.  Fill from the excavation will then be placed on top of the gravel to complete the process.


Southern wall of cistern

The team also finished removing the forms from the underside of the tower villa slab and support columns.


Work continued on the Tower villa and the main walls and the terrace/roof should be ready for a pour by the end of this week if we can get a break from the weather.  A bit more beam work on the terrace level, the tower and accompanying staircase, and we’ll be waiting on concrete.


Steel work on terrace level is almost complete

The covered porch will be topped off with solar panels placed between the beams you see below.  That’s Jost Van Dyke to the north in the distant background.  The open space you see at the northern end of the porch will be covered by a colorful, canvas type of fabric to give shade, yet let some sunshine filter through.


Steel and beams for the covered porch area

The team also has the steel in place for the steps going up to the terrace level.  It’s a little sketchy walking up now, but will be awesome when it’s done.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!

Here’s a some Ting to start your week off right!



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