Brrr… it was like 71 degrees here this morning!  Definitely football and chili weather.  🙂

We poured the slab for the cistern for poolside villa #2 nine days ago.  This cistern will not be as tall as the upper 1BR cistern, but will still hold 37,000 gallons, or 309,000 pounds, of water.


Blueprints for Poolside Villa #2 Cistern

The team has moved quickly to get the inner forms in place for the equipment room (far left), the rear cistern wall and right side of the cistern.


Slab Poured for Poolside Villa #2 Cistern and forms going up!

The team is busy tying steel, which will then be closed up and ready for concrete.


The cistern rises

The view of the cistern from the top doesn’t give you the real perspective of exactly how tall this structure is…


One tall storage room and cistern

While poolside villa #2 is in “phase 2” of development, the pool side villa #1 is in “phase 3”.  The footings have been poured, the stem walls are now in place and the team is forming the main floor slab and support columns.


Beam forms for the main floor

With the floor beam forms in place, the crew is placing the support joists in for the flooring forms.


The support rafters being placed

Viewing the structure from underneath, you can see support column forms resting on the footings which will soon be filled with steel.


Column forms for floor slab

In addition to great progress on the poolside villas, Wayne has been excavating the site for the pool this week.  The footings for the pool complex will be formed as soon as excavation is complete, which should be sometime this week if we get a bit of dry weather.


Pool site being excavated for footings

It’s been very breezy and we’ve had another 3″ of rain in the past week.  Today is no different!


Rain over Drake’s Passage

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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