The weather has been beautiful ,and hopefully we’ll get a break from the rain for a bit.  But not too much of a break!  The team continues to move forward with focus this week on  Poolside Villas #1 & #2 and finishing off the form work for the Tower Villa terrace and main support walls.

Poolside Villa #1 has the floor slab form in place and the guys have been busy bending and tying steel for the support beams.  The outlined edge of the cantilevered porch (top of the picture) is now in place and the team will fill that in this week.  The scaffolding for the cantilevered porch is really, really tall due to the slope underneath the villa.


Main Floor Forms and Steel Beams

The cistern on Poolside Villa #2 continues moving forward with the outer layer of the wall forms moving into place.


Poolside Villa #2 Cistern Forming

The team is also plumbing and wiring the Tower Villa terrace level for electric and water catchment drains.


Tower Villa Terrace Level electric and water catchment

The stairs leading from the ground to the terrace level is now ready for concrete.  You can see the electrical junction boxes in place to provide recessed lighting for the stairs.  We’re going to make these bigger, (nice catch Ted) so we can properly recess the lighting fixtures.


It was a productive week, but we need to pour some concrete soon.

These guys are good.  And fast!

Have a great week everyone!  Here’s a pic (Artista filter) of K.D., Ting and Champion chilling during the Christmas break.


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