We planned on pouring 50 yards this week, but the crew moved quickly and they were actually ready for 90 yards (360,000 pounds).  Using reclaimed ply-form, 2×4’s and shoes, and a steady diet of concrete, the project is in overdrive.  We’ll pour another 90 yards before the end of the month.

These are the footings for the entry way into Poolside Villa #2 and the parking pad shared by both Poolside villas.  One more pour on villa #2 and the concrete shell will be complete.

The team was also working on the stem wall forming for Poolside Villa #1.  A quick pour here and it will be ready for the forming of the main slab.


The pool got its share of concrete this week as the team poured the cistern slab for the pool, and have already finished forming the cistern walls.


2 more days until we finish reclaiming the ply-form from the tower villa.  Then all the floor posts and interior ply-form can be removed and the real interior space can be appreciated.  Dense, Areca palms, will be planted around the perimeter providing extra privacy and foliage.

Wayne has been steadily collecting nice rocks (boulders,actually) from our excavation which will be reused to build walls and hardscaping.  Here’s a nice little pile he’s collected.


And in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s Conner, baby Cameron and Uncle Steve sporting the green and relaxing on the beach at Wharfside.


Have a great week everyone!


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