Lori and I finally took the afternoon to enjoy the beach and float around Maho Bay for a bit.  It’s been a busy week all around, and the team is focused on getting ready for a large pour a week from tomorrow.

The slab for Poolside Villa #1 is on the schedule, and now that the substrate plyform is in place, the guys will finish tying steel, the electrical and plumbing will be run, and she will be ready for concrete..   Like all the other ones, this villa will have fantastic views.

We’ve been focused on finishing up the work on the top of the property, which should only take a few more weeks and then knocking out the pool.  The pool cisterns are being sealed, and Wayne has backfilled the lap pool stem walls and other footing structures.

The curve of the infinity edge, as you see in the following picture, is actually the outside wall of the catch basin the water from the infinity edge will flow into.  Poolside Villa #1 also has a great view of the pool (and Jost).


Pool is backfilled and cisterns are being sealed

Poolside Villa #2 has had the exterior forms removed, but the floor jacks and interior forming is still in place for another few weeks while the concrete fully cures.  Wayne has back filled the parking area shared by the two villas, and filled in between the stem walls that serve as the foundation for the entry way into the villa.

We will also perform the last pour on the upper 1BR villa with our next delivery of concrete.  The team has the plyform in place and will tying steel and building steel rebar columns.

That’s the status update for this week as Sheraz, Bruce and the rest of the guys drive to get ready for the pour!

Also, I wanted to share this amazing progress being backed by Richard Branson.  I really wish we could get something like that here in the USVI.  It’s called the BVI Art Reef and will be placed into position next week.

Baby Cameron also turned 3 months old yesterday!


Have a great week everyone!

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