It is a beautiful Sunday, and Lori and I got to spend the day with this little cutie.

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The team poured 86 yards on Wednesday, which completed the upper 1BR unit, slab for Poolside villa # 1 and the remaining stem walls for the pool complex.  To illustrate how good these guys are, here’s what Poolside Villa # 1 looked like on Tuesday.


Here’s the pour on Wednesday.

End of the day Thursday…


End of today… Sunday.

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While the ceiling and walls were going up on Poolside Villa #1,  other members of the crew were stripping the plyform from the upper 1BR villa’s final pour on Wednesday.


We also unloaded the exterior window and door package for the upper two villas from the Tropical shipping container we received last week.  We’re storing them in Poolside Villa #2 until we’re ready to install them in the next few weeks.

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The tower also continues to rise.  The second pic is taken from below the tower, but the sky today was gorgeous.

Other members of the team have stripped the forms from Wednesday’s pool pour and have back-filled the remainder of the pool foundation by hand.  This weekend they began the actual forming of the pool shell.

More forming next week, with pool, Poolside Villa #1 and tower on schedule to be poured the week of May 1st.  I’ll leave you this week with a shot of the view from Poolside villa #2.


What a great weekend it was!  I hope everyone has a great week!


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