This week, the focus was on getting the pool ready for a perfect pour.


On Friday, we finally poured it!  In a few days we’ll strip the forms and get a good look at what lies between those pieces of plyform.  Our pool consultant, who has worked on award winning pools all across the US, was here for the pour and described it as the most precise forming job he had ever seen.

The mixer showed up in the morning with the first 10 yards of 4000 psi pump mix with a Xypex waterproof kicker.

The first few trucks were able to get the walls  poured, then the floor of the infinity edge semicircle.  Last on the list was the floor of the 65′ lap lane.


Putting the finishing touches on the infinity edge

While the floor of the lap lane was being poured, the guys were finishing off the walls to make sure it is 100% level across the entire pool.

The finished product looks exceptional, and we can’t wait to see it after the forms come off.


Here’s a shot the day after the pour.  Looking good!


Infinity Edge, 65′ Lap Pool with lounge area and easy entrance.  

Another pour scheduled for this Friday.  This week, we’ll finish off the tower villa and Poolside Villa #1.


Tower villa “tower” is ready to pour

Poolside Villa #1 will be buttoned up and poured this week, and then it’s time to finish up top, finish the pool complex and start on the lower two units, office and maintenance areas.


Forming the lattice work of steel for the roof


Moving a beam into place on Poolside Villa #1

As it was Cinco de Mayo this week, here’s a pic of Cameron “Miranda” in her beautiful sun dress, parrot and custom made flower head band.


Have a great week everyone!

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