As I was sitting down to write this week’s entry, a rain cloud passed through the valley and the sun was in a cooperative mood.  The rainbow seemed to be leading the misty rain as it moved through the valley in front of our home on Mamey Peak.


Before I go into the update, I just have to be the oversharing grandfather and show this little clip of Cami at Francis Bay.

Now, after a dose of cuteness, your weekly dose of construction updates.  It’s been too rainy for the last few weeks to do the TotalWall finish on the entire Tower Villa.  Since the balcony is cantilevered and protected, the plaster guys did finish up the underneath portion of the villa.


This will be the finished look and color.  “Oyster White” by Sherwin Williams.


Even the view from under the balcony is pretty nice.


They tile guys have been busy as they finished off the Tower Villa’s rooftop terrace, the observation tower platform and the stairs to the viewing platform.


Now this is a view.


The rooftop terrace is looking good.


The tile is also looking good in the Tower Villa balcony and main living area.


Nancy applied her cleaning skills to the wine cellar.  With an individual, dedicated A/C unit, David’s vino will stay chill.


Larry, our terrific cabinet maker, sent us some pics of a prototype bed for the bedrooms.  We’re making the side tables a few inches thinner to achieve a better balance, but this is pretty much the design.   The final product will be constructed using Khaya Mahogany, with a light stain and clear finish.

While most of the action has been on the lower section of the site, the two Poolside Villas continue to move toward window and door completion.  The plumbing is almost complete for Poolside Villa #1.


Poolside Villa #2 ready for doors and windows with AC installed.


The lower 1BR Honeymoon suite is coming along nicely with a pour scheduled a week from Tuesday.


The view is, of course, epic.


The office and laundry facility are in the three week holding period for suspended slab curing, but most of the plyform has already been removed from the walls.


Instead of a single Cami photo, this week you get a Cami-collage.

Have a great week everyone!

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