It’s about time to push “Send” on the shopping list for the remainder of items on our list.  Monday started off with a bang as we had one of the most intense lightning storms I’ve ever witnessed here.  There was significant flooding in Tortola and Lori took this video of a massive lightning strike on Coral Bay.

Given the short week, the crew still made progress and stripped the forms off the office and laundry buildings.


The Office



The Laundry Room and Office Structures with Pool above

The 1BR Honeymoon Villa is ready for its final structural pour which happens tomorrow!


I finally made it over to the roof top terrace of the 1BR Honeymoon villa and it has a beautiful view….and this, from the lowest elevation on the property.


The tile has been completed in the Tower Villa and the ceiling material is on site.  Everything in these shots as a somewhat blue hue as the sliding glass doors have a film applied to protect them from plaster splatter.

Now, onto the design portion of the update.  Cami is interested in what Lori has planned…


Lori has been thinking, re-thinking and thinking again about the design of each of these villas.  I have a new found admiration of the time and effort it takes to put together a thoughtful and beautiful design.

Here’s an idea of the general color palate of main materials.  Siding, exterior color, rug selections, couch fabric selections, mahogany for the custom mill work, quartz kitchen counter top selection and the flooring tile.


Here’s a sampling of the types of lighting that will be on display in the villas

We have all the appliances on hand, ceiling materials and Larry is working through the custom design mill work.

kitchen window wall (2)

Final Kitchen Design – Back Wall

kitchen range wall (2)

Final Kitchen Design – L Shape

The vanities are also custom design with an integrated sink crafted from Corian and back lit led mirrors.

The entertainment center is also custom designed and built to specification with a 4K 55″ flat screen TV.


Lori also made final selections of the pool tile and plaster.  Here are the selections:


Seating options are comfortable, casual and made for relaxing.

Artwork will be subtle and relaxing as well.  These are some low-res shots of some of the items.

Dining area table options depending on villa.

Outdoor lounging options will be comfortable, modern and stylish.

I can’t wait until the interior doors arrive, and we can finish off the top two villas to completion.

Here’s your dose of Cami cuteness for the week!  She is modeling a dress from her Great Grandmother Rosemary in this pic.


Lori and I babysat last Friday night, and let me tell you, this little one is on fire!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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