Well, at least there are no hurricanes bearing down on us.  This week.  One advantage of the Sahara dust, is its ability to shear the tops off these threatening systems.  There seems to be a new disturbance brewing on an almost daily basis as the African hurricane factory is in full production mode this time of year.  But despite the almost daily rainfall, progress continues where progress can continue.

After 5 weeks of being off of the top of the property, Wayne has gotten the excavator tracks back on line after two successive “adjuster” failures.  The adjuster is what keeps the track of the machine snug against the rollers and uses a spring which weighs 165 pounds and must be compressed about 3″ to fit into its housing.   There is an immense amount of force required to move this thing 3″!   Now Wayne is back up on the top of the property to finish off the road grading, a bit of additional excavation and making way for poolside villa #1’s entryway and stairway from the parking area.


Poolside Villa #1 Entry way excavation

There was a bit of rock under the road way, but it is no match for the hydraulic hammer attachment.


Poolside Villa #1 Ready for walkway and windows

Poolside Villa #2 is moving along with window and door installation in progress We’re about  to close this one up to the elements.


The Tower villa is now ready for the tongue and groove cypress.  The firring is in place and the Durock has the scratch coat of plaster before the final coat is applied.  The scratch coat levels out the wall surfaces to a uniform finish, and provides a rough surface for the final, finishing coat of plaster to be applied.  Finish with a coat of paint, and you’re good to go.



Master BR in Tower Villa Scratch Coat.

Kitchen is almost finished and ready for cabinets.


…and a clean breaker box is a good sign.


You simply cannot apply Total Wall to the plaster when its raining…  But, the crew did make some progress on finishing off the exterior of the Tower villa.


Wishing there were a few sunny days in a row to finish this off!


To give you an idea, I just took this picture at 3:45pm today…

FullSizeRender (18).jpg

Fortunately, it was clear this morning.  Here’s a shot looking up at the Tower Villa.


Tower Villa – getting there!

The lower 1 BR is not far behind the Tower Villa and was close to getting most of the floor tile in place this week.  We’ll have the ceiling firred in on this one soon. FullSizeRender_10

Durock is in place and almost ready for its’ scratch coat of plaster.


At the bottom of the lot, the laundry room and home office are now water proofed and waiting for a few more weeks until the roof supports can be removed.


The 1BR Honeymoon suite is now in it’s three week waiting period for the interior floor posts to be removed.  The stairs and entryway remain on this one, but need to do some road work before that happens.


Honeymoon Suite structure is complete!

Just need to wait a few more weeks before we remove the floor jacks.


And now, what you’re really waiting for, your weekly dose of Cameron cuteness!


Hard to beat Happy Hour at Joe’s Rum Hut on a Friday dodging showers


Ting wants some of what Cameron is having… her patience paid off!

This little fellow was flitting around the site today, so I got him/her to pose for a second.


Have a great week everyone!

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