On average, St. John receives about 39+ inches of rain each year.  On Friday, I was reading a post on Facebook indicating that we have received 40 inches of rain since the first of September for a total of over 70 inches so far this year.  Add another 5-6 inches of rain since Friday, and we should be on pace for a record amount of rain this year!


It was a bit muddy on the site, and the crew is now blocked on making additional progress on the top four units as we need some A/C duct work and interior doors to move forward.  Of course, we could proceed with plastering, but the rain simply refuses to go away!

Time to focus below and start framing out the 1BR Honeymoon suite.



The office and laundry are next on the list after the honeymoon suite.  You can see the pool and the two poolside villas up above.


The tower villa looks pretty impressive from the bottom of the site.


The good news is the road to Bordeaux is now getting new poles, and we had to wait a bit while they set one into place.  Here’s a quick video we took of the process.

Here’s your weekly dose of Cameron,

a new bloom on our Mimosa tree,

FullSizeRender (20)

and Ting is in the pool!


Have a great week everyone!

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