Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Winter is coming.  On St. John, that means cool temps in the upper 70’s, low humidity and gentle trade wind breezes.  Lori made a few side dishes, and after a wonderful meal at Freda’s house, we headed down to the park for some steel pan music and a community Thanksgiving.  It was very well attended by the locals and our new local heroes, the BBC linemen.   Cameron also enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast in Texas!


These BBC guys are cranking, and finally arrived in front of Apito on Centerline road.   Here’s our new best BBC buddy Tony getting it done with quite the view!


Everyone is quite impressed by these guys and their tireless work ethic and professionalism.  They have already started making their way from Chateau Bordeaux heading toward Calichi @ Picture Point.  Hopefully we’ll have some current back on the site in a month or two!

While it was a short week due to the holiday, the crew made some good progress and windows and doors are being installed on the 1BR Honeymoon suite.

Plastering continued on the poolside villas, and we’ll hopefully have interior doors coming from Puerto Rico soon.  All the custom mill work is finished and Larry will be here mid next month to begin the installation of the mill work and appliances.


Plastering everywhere!

We’ve also calculated our solar panel requirements and it looks like we’ll be order 375 280W solar panels and 15 Tesla Powerwalls to keep everything running at Picture Point powered in large part by the sun.

Now that the concrete business is poised for a great comeback, time to finish off the pool decking and get some mixer trucks down here!


Progress is also being made in getting the mashed up boats removed from the island.  Several were removed from the beach in front of Wharfside this past week,


and we spotted the tug hauling the recovery crane into Coral Bay yesterday afternoon!

Plenty of new birth here, including the newest member of Moses’s herd of cows.

We’re missing Cameron big time and now she’s walking.  Hopefully she and Charlotte will be back in early January.

Have a great week everyone!

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