Yes, I know its a construction blog, but I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the SEC Championship game at the new Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta to watch the game.  And what a game!  As a long suffering Dawg fan, it has been a while since I’ve been able to attend a championship game where my team was actually competing.  I believe it is because our newest cheerleader was rooting for the team.


Here is part of our motley crew just before the game, and no, I don’t know the random dude who photo bombed us. 🙂


Ok, now that the bragging is over, onto the construction blog!  While I was gone, the team made some great progress on the office and laundry facilities.  The interiors are all framed in and awaiting the Durock to finish off the structures.

The honeymoon suite is also ready for Durock on the back wall, and it looks like we have one single window left to install.

Plastering continues inside and out on the two poolside villas.

The port finally opened on the island, and St John Concrete received some much needed sand.  We have a concrete pour scheduled for this Friday for the first half of the pool deck.  We are finally getting back on track!

The Tower Villa is patiently awaiting interior doors.  Hopefully they will be shipping from Puerto Rico this week, and we can move this one toward its final stages.


Have a great week everyone!



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