I ran across this cool photo from 1916 which looks like it was taken from our building site.  People have been seeking out this view for over 100 years.


The majority of the crew spent their time this week on finishing the form work for the last phase of the pool complex.  After this pour, we will have all of the pool structure complete with only a wall and roof for the Northern pavilion left to pour.  Here’s the roof to the main pavilion area.


Here’s the view standing on the roof of the main pavilion area looking toward the northern pavilion area which will be on the far left.

I don’t even know how many people this area will accommodate, but I’m thinking at least 80 comfortably.  We’ll have to test that number. Nice spot for a wedding or party for sure!!


Larry and Conner have been hanging doors all week and installing hardware.  We can now close in these walls and finish up the interior plaster work.  We’ll then start installing the cabinets, tongue and groove ceiling and built-in mill work.


The closet doors are in place in the Tower Villa which will conceal a custom cedar closet in the bedroom.




Bedroom Closet Door and Bathroom Entry

The masons have also finished plastering the entry to the Tower Villa.  The last step will be to apply Total Wall to the trim and fill in the back with Resysta siding.


Tower Villa Entrance

Poolside villa # 2 is waiting on floor tile, but will be ready for doors as soon as that task is complete.


Cameron gets home in about 10 days.  It will be awesome to have this little one back in our lives!  As Dr. Ponder said, it looks like she could maybe use some bangs.  🙂

Have a great week everyone!

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