First, congratulations to all the long suffering Eagles fans out there.   It has been literally forever since Philly won a Superbowl.  So, in their honor I say, Philly, Philly!  Don’t worry Pat’s fans, as long as Tom Brady is your quarterback, you’ll continue to compete for championships.  What a great football game.

We’re still waiting on some concrete to finish off the pool deck, but the focus this week has been on finishing work for the top two villas.

Larry and Conner have been busy installing the kitchen cabinets in the upper 1BR villa in preparation for painting to begin this week.




The cabinets are custom built with solid mahogany and will be painted white with an eggshell finish. One of the special touches Larry put in is a built in microwave and appliance garage.

Our painter starts tomorrow (Tuesday) and will begin painting the walls, the kitchen cabinets and applying a fine polyurethane coat to the stain grade mahogany vanities, beds, and entertainment units.  Before this happens, the Captain must finish up the trim work in the upper 1BR villa so final plastering can be applied.


The Tower Villa is receiving its final plaster coat, with the kitchen scheduled for initial install this week.  Here’s the view from the bedroom of the doors leading to the main living area.  It will be ready for interior painting and its ceiling this week.


The effect of carrying the doors to the ceiling looks pretty good.  We were tempted to forgo the upper transom look, but Ted the architect was heartbroken, so we put it back in.  I must admit, he was right…


Here’s the view into the master bedroom when the pocket doors are almost closed.


A couple of the guys are now applying the final plaster finish for the Tower villa.

Poolside villa #1 is receiving its final coat of plaster for the exterior now that it is all closed up.  The floors have also been leveled by applying an additional coat of cement and sand.  This process is known as “floating”.  As soon as the tile guy is finished with the flooring on Poolside Villa #2, he will move onto the flooring for Poolside Villa #1.


Poolside Villa #2 is getting the floor tile laid this week and will be ready for interior doors in a few days.  The raised sections you see here in the kitchen are for the cabinets to rest upon.  If we ever get water into the unit, we won’t need to worry about it getting under the cabinets.


The floor tiling for Poolside Villa #2 is almost complete!


This week we should also have our bathroom vanities installed and the bathrooms will then be ready for their final tile installation.

And now for your Cameron Cami-o.  For everyone who has kids or has had young children, you know the best part of getting a present is the box it came in.  Here’s a quick video for your enjoyment of Cameron playing peek-a-boo.

Have a great week everyone!  Cameron comes back home this week!


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