We’re scheduled to pour 35 yards of concrete tomorrow for the pool’s final pavilion as Wayne has been working to finalize the upper road and parking for the Tower villa.  Captain and crew finished off the ceiling work in the upper 1BR.  Another coat of paint on the walls, cabinets, then appliances and the custom mill work.


Kitchen cabinets and first coat on the drawers and fronts.


The tile is up in the bathroom with grout coming later this week.  The blue background tile offsets the built-in Corian shelving Larry created.

Love this view though…


The painting crew applied the first coat after the primer on the Tower Villa cabinets and continued tiling the exterior stair case and entry way.

Poolside Villa #2 is getting doors installed, now that the tiling is complete.

Wayne is also doing final excavation in advance of the upper entry road being poured.

As promised, I hiked down to the pool and took a more comprehensive set of shots of the pool deck.  It will be ready for plastering and tile after tomorrow’s pour.


Tony, our favorite lineman from BBC left the island on Friday, but we were able to host him and his awesome wife Amber for a family boat day before he left.  He’s already in CT working on the snow-a-cane currently hammering our friends in the Northeast!

Alex and Amy left yesterday, but we got to spend some fun time at the park chasing Cameron who was chasing chickens followed up by babysitting  evening.  My mom told me that being a grandparent is one of the few things that is actually as good as it is advertised.  I agree.

That’s all for this week.  The weather has been pretty dry for the last week, and that’s good for visitors and progress on construction!  We have a passion fruit vine which has become massive, but has yet to produce a single flower until this week!  Hopefully, there will be more to come as this is without a doubt my favorite fruit.


Have a great week everyone!





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