Spent the day on St Thomas today finalizing some details with MSI and picking up some more paint.

We’ll start this week’s update with the pool area. I took this pic from the top of the Southern pool pavilion. Shane and Tom are arriving on Thursday to install all the pool equipment and finalize plaster and tile for the pool.

While the support posts for the roof need to stay in place for a few more weeks, the pool and deck are ready for plaster and tile.

Poolside villa number two is moving forward and just needs the pocket door walls closed in and plastered so we can begin painting. It is ready for the kitchen cabinet install.

Now onto the Tower villa. The ceiling is going in and looks awesome. Here are some pics from the master bedroom.

Here’s a view to the bathroom and closet.

The ceilings will be complete this week.

The steps to the tower and entry to the wine cellar now have tile and we’re almost finished with the exterior tile.

The upper 1BR entry way tile is also complete.

Dennis the painter has been using the inside of the 1BR villa to paint all the cabinet doors for this villa and the Tower villa. It’s a bit crowded, but this one is just about ready for appliances.

Almost ready for appliances.

The bathroom is fully tiled and ready for some grout.

While not particularly sexy, the waste treatment system for the upper two villas is now in place and connected.

And to complete this week’s update, your Cami update! It’s been windy this week!

Cami was also quite interested in some business cards.

That’s all for this week! Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Beautiful! The views through the windows are breathtaking. And Cami is just a little doll! Thank you for sharing your world.

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