Since virtually all of our crew live on St. Thomas, Carnival Week equals a short work week.  Last week we finished forming the Spa support structure, and got it poured on Monday.   We’ll be stripping these forms tomorrow and it will be ready for back fill.

Wayne will be back on the excavator on Monday carving out the spot for extending the retaining wall for the main driveway.  The container with our solar panels arrived on St. John last Wednesday, and everyone was interested to see what a box of micro-inverters looked like.


In preparation for the solar panel installation this week, Dennis and his crew finished up painting the roofs with a new type of Silicon roof sealant from GE which replaces the traditional Vulkem treatment.  Instead of 3 coats, the new product only requires one coat.


The two poolside villas are ready for some solar power tomorrow!


We also took the next step in an important part of the observation tower…  This will be formed up, encased in concrete and ready for its final piece…  soon come!


Cami’s other grandparents have been in town this week and got to spend some quality time with the Picture Point, cover girl!

Cami - Picture Point

Have a great week everyone!

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