A somewhat abbreviated version of the blog today in honor of all the moms out there!  Two main areas of focus this week for the team, getting the footers for the retaining wall poured, forming the retaining wall for the driveway and getting the solar and Tesla battery installations completed.


After this wall is formed and poured, the driveway will be next on the pouring list.


Alfredo and Sheraz are making sure the wall form is consistent.


The second area of focus this past week was finishing off the solar panel railing installation, wiring the solar panels in and finally getting the panels into place.


The team also installed the power walls for the top two units this week.


We also welcomed our second guest to the Tower villa for a trial run.  My niece, Caroline, and her boyfriend, Patrick, spent some time at Calichi and with the rest of the Buttermore clan this week.

A nice Mother’s Day breakfast at the park with, Cami rocking a Louie Vuitton clutch like a model! 🙂


Leaping lizards!


Have a great week everyone!

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