To all the Father’s out there, Happy Father’s Day!  The top two villas have been getting their “testing” for the last week, and we’ve corrected a number of items we’d never have seen without peeps actually living in them.

We’ve also asked our “beta” users to exercise all the appliances and run the A/C without regard for energy consumption to really stress test the solar power.  After the first week of data gathering, it looks like the panels and power wall sizing are a good match.  100% Energy Independent and batteries fully charged by 12-1pm on average!


Lori’s sister and her husband arrived on Monday, so it was time to push for the upper, 1 bedroom villa to be ready for guests!

Here’s the scene Monday morning…


And here’s how it looked when our guests arrived that afternoon!  A nice swivel rocker to relax in on your private balcony.


A nice view to enjoy the meal from the dining area.


Or you can also enjoy your meal on the balcony!


The double lounger offers a variety of seating options.   It is quite an inventive piece of furniture!


A beautiful view of Tortola from the balcony…


This unit also features more chrome finishes with directional side lights and a modern chandelier.


The end result?  A modern, comfortable and stylish accommodation!


Given we have guests enjoying quality time there, we’ve also had the opportunity to spend some time at Picture Point during the evenings.

Here’s a few shots of Calichi at night.

And a few shots for Calichi at sun rise!  It does come up early, but it’s worth the effort.


Here comes the sun!


The Tower Villa is looking awesome with only a few minor bits left to complete.


The living area is ready for prime time!




Comfortable seating for outside dining if desired!


Comfortable balcony seating to really just relax and enjoy the view.


Blackout shades in the bedrooms so you don’t have to wake up with the sun.


Still in love with these coffee tables…


The view is absolutely addicting.


The pool decking and tile also got started this week with the “floating” of the entire pool deck and the setting of the first section of tile on the perimeter of the pool.  All the pieces are there, now its time to execute.


Initial bull nose tile on the edge of the pool perimeter.


Outer wall of the lap lane.


The floating makes sure all surfaces of the deck tile will slope appropriately when it rains, so it is quickly routed to the drains which run the length of the pool area.


We also made a lot of progress on Villas 1 & 2 as well as the 1BR Honeymoon suite.  We’ll save those updates for next week!

The nice thing about beta testers is that they are friendly.  In this case, my mom and sister were first in the barrel.


Our friends Betsy, Kim, Eddie and Steve arrived at almost the same time as Lori’s sister, Melanie and her husband, Todd.  Of course, as partial payment for their beta testing the villas, a well deserved ride on Calichi the yacht.

Cameron and Charlotte are off to Texas for a few weeks to visit Cameron’s other grandparents and family.


While we miss her already, we’re glad Patsy, Stephen, Rachel and the whole clan get to enjoy spending some time with the Cami bear!

Have a great week everyone!


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