The crew poured concrete twice this week, with Friday’s pour finishing up the driveway wall almost to the street.

The forms for the driveway wall will be stripped tomorrow.

We’ve also been prepping the area for landscaping by removing the trees Irma and Maria claimed.

Villa #2 is almost ready for landscaping.

The plastering crew has been moving in lock step with the guys building and pouring the walls. Ready for TotalWall soon.

Villa #4, the upper 1BR, has some amazing views and very comfortable seating.

As we’ve been clearing, we’re amazed at the number of Tyre Palms, the only true native palm to St John.

We also had an interesting event this week as we added a new member to the pack.

Lori and I were at Aquabistro for dinner and there was a stray pup running around begging for food. Poor little thing wasn’t older than a year, and she already had a litter.

They told us she had been living under a car in the bush with three puppies. Lori took the challenge, and she was able to locate the pups and get momma after visiting the area many times over the next several days.

She is an awesome little girl and the puppies are up for adoption at the ACC!

Thanks to Cami’s other granddad she has her first tricycle!

Have a great week everyone!

9 thoughts on “More roadwork

  1. YAY!!! A new baby in the family!!! Congratulations on your new 4-legged addition!
    Villa #4 look like a view that can’t be beat!

  2. Absolutely stunning! The views are breathtaking…and the Villas, while obviously beautiful, appear to blend with the environment rather than detract from the natural beauty!!!

  3. Hey guys…. I saw a mutual friend a couple of weeks ago and he asked if I’d talked to you recently. Ashamed, I said no. He went on to sort of tell me what you were doing so I cyber stalked you…WOW DUDE… your project is absolutely unbelievable!!! I want to be your pool boy! I hope Judy and I can make plans to come see ya’ll in the future. Go Dawgs! Cheers buddy!

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