Drone day 2

I’ve been waiting on the drone Lori got me for Christmas and after some trial and error, here are the results!

The Orchid and Royal Palm villas.

The Tower Villa and The Guava House.

The pool complex.

The Royal Palm, Orchid, Tower and Guava House villas with the pool complex on the left.

And now for some more traditional shots…

Saw this guy on Friday, can’t be more than a day or two old!

This guy was just in too photogenic of a spot to be ignored.

And here’s Lady, our Coral Bay rescue pup relaxing on a beach day last week.

I also had to include this gem that I came across a few years ago where an animal shelter put pups in a photo booth. This one is a keeper.

Have a great week everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

It’s been a few weeks since my last update, and life has thrown me a series of curve balls as of late, but progress continues.

I’ll keep it short in prose this week and give everyone some of the highlights of the last few weeks.

Reserve your spot today!

1). The upper driveway has finally been poured. We still need a few walls to tie it all in, but it’s all paved access now!

2). Fire pit is a go…

3) The pool area is looking sweet.

4). Flowers are getting established.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Coral Bay!

Thanksgiving week

We welcomed our first “real” guests this week, and a good time was had by all.  Our first Thanksgiving on site.  Maybe we’ll have to make this a tradition!


It was a relatively short work week as the crew took Thursday and Friday off.  We got the spa cranking Thursday morning, and it quickly turned into the “go to” spot as the sun went down.


It was a beautiful full moon, and the pool complex is nearly complete!


We had to pour a “lip” into the fire pit to support the stainless burner.  This will be filled with glass rock and will look stunning!


The landscaping is coming together.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many bougainvilleas in one spot. I can’t wait to see this in three months.


Each villa has hibiscus with crazy flower combinations.  In a few months, this will be dense with flowers.




If the sun keeps up, this wall will be painted and Mauberge can start his next stone wall project.



We finally got the hanging chair installed!


Nice place to enjoy the view.


The moon was quite bright this week.


It was a great week for sunrises as well…


Have a great week everyone!

Finally some dry weather!

Reserve your spot today!

I swear, yesterday was the first dry day we’ve had in three weeks!

We took advantage of the break in the weather and did a ton of pressure washing on the pool deck and got all the furniture in place since the team finished off the cable tie railing, tiling and landscaping this week.

We’ve been waiting on a meter from WAPA since March so we can power the spa and it showed up on Saturday!

Deep seating in the shade near the spa, in the south end pavilion.

Mauberge has almost finished the wall. Just need to “point”it, and it will be finished.

While the landscaping has only been in for a week or maybe 2 weeks, we’re definitely seeing some happy plants.

We’ll close out the week with a few sun rises!

Have a great week everyone!

Serious rain

Wow, Monday was a down pour, but Thursday was a humbling demonstration of the power of flash floods and lightning.

We did ok, but lost two days of work and weren’t able to finish the last 50 feet of our entryway due to lightning striking the concrete batch plant!

Thankfully, most of the crew showed up this weekend to make some serious progress.

Lots of plants left to plant, but we finally got the flagpole up on the Tower.

The rooftop terrace on the Tower villa finally looks like we intended. Just one 8″ bolt away from the cool hanging chair being in place.

Finally, we were able to get started with the Total Wall on the driveway walls. Another sunny day, and we should be almost finished!

A bit more clearing and the pool view will be uninterrupted. The fire pit has a high gloss finish on a polished concrete cap.

Mauberge is making great progress on the wall by the Tower villa.

Landscaping in front of The Orchid villa is almost complete.

Had a few nice sunrises though…

Have a great week everyone!

Busy week ahead!

It was a busy week, and the next seven days will be action packed! St. John has had undeniably calm, clear weather lately, but Friday’s weather turned rather dicey.

Lots of tropical plants arrived, though, despite the weather, with more to come this week as we finish off the pool complex.

Ruby red grapefruit, avocado, tangerine, lime, orange, mango, banana, plantains and more…

The Tower villa roof top terrace has received an generous allocation of dwarf oleander in the planter around its perimeter.

The crew also completed the first phase of burying all of the power lines to unclutter the view, and we’ll finish the entry driveway on Wednesday.

Tiling is now complete for the spa. Railings for all exterior stairs are finally on St Thomas from the state of Washington!

It was a very beautiful week…

Mauberge will finish off this fantastic stone wall this week!

We’ll also pour the stem walls for our final villa.

Have a great week everyone!

The landscaping has begun!

It was a beautiful week and the clarity across the channel was exceptional. We’ll start this week with a 360 video starting with St Croix in the background To the south, then scanning to the west, north, then east. Clockwise.

Google Photos showed me this blast from the past this morning. This is the cistern forming for the upper 1BR. Quite a change over two years…

Here’s Villa #1, aka The Royal Palm villa after its first photo shoot last week.

18 new panels added to the mix this week.

We also finished forming most of the footers for the final structure.

We got our Sylvester Palms on Friday and put them in place. We have a flat rack heading up here tomorrow, full of plants, and the masons will begin applying Total Wall. What a difference a palm tree makes.

Mauberge and Abner are building a beautiful stone wall on the tower parking pad.

Beautifully clear this week. Here’s some pics to make you wish you were here!

Have a great week everyone!

Pool party

Really pushing to finish up the top portion of the property and also have a little fun this week. We had a pool party on Saturday for an awesome group of volunteers who have been helping St John families since the storm. It was a beautiful day, and a good time was had by all! Thanks to Nancy Gibbs for the beautiful pic!

The team focused on finishing up laying and tying steel, forming and pouring the roadway to the pool complex. We got a late start on Friday afternoon, but finished most of the road after dark.

Part of the team worked on finishing the punch list for villa #1. Barb came over this afternoon for some better shots which I’ll put in next week’s blog.

The spa area will be tiled this week and ready for action by this weekend!

Really looking forward to start landscaping this week in earnest.

We’re also excited about this pile of rocks, gathered from around the property, which will end up as a beautiful wall by the Tower villa.

It’s been a beautiful week, so I will close with some shots taken during it!

Have a great week everyone!

Rain, rain go away!

It’s been a drizzly, downpour kind of week, and Friday ended up a complete bust with rare, thunderstorms passing through which took all day!

We were going to pour some concrete this week, but we got rained out. ☹️

The crew was able to continue plastering the driveway walls, and we excavated and formed the last driveway, which provides direct access to the pool. The crew also buried conduit for the backup power feeds from the grid and a future generator.

Wayne also hammered out the entry way, and we’re ready for the final driveway pour on Tuesday.

While the rain stinks when you’re in it, it is actually quite interesting watching it pass by, and fabulous for every plant as well.

The crew also focused on the pool area this week. We’re still waiting on tile to finish off the bar, and the supplier sent the wrong tile last week. 🙄

When the correct, expedited tile finally gets here, we’ll finish it. It is ready and waiting. So are we.

Also got a pic of a few of the palm trees we’ve got heading our way.

We’re still tracking to have our top 4 villas and the pool area ready to go on November 1.

Getting close!

Have a great week everyone!

Prepping for Plants

The top four villas are pretty much ready to go, and our focus is on putting in some hardscaping to create planters and planting areas as well as preventing erosion.  Mauberge is our master stone mason, and he has quickly put together many of the walls we’ll be using for the landscaping coming our way.


Mauberge admiring his handiwork.



We’ve also decided to increase the area of the parking pad for the Tower Villa to make entering and exiting a bit less challenging.

The crew finished wrapping the southern pool pavilion in Resysta and our “lawn” has been prepped along with the small driveway we are creating to allow an easy access path to the pool pavilion.  After the driveway is poured, we’ll finish off the Resysta wrap.


The crew will also be polishing up the concrete bar very soon.  We finally got the tile we’ve been waiting on this past Friday, to complete the surge tank exterior and the bar’s face.

Here’s a small sampling of some of the plants we’re looking forward to planting very soon.

Have a great week everyone!

The Royal Palm Villa

It’s been a good week for punch list items, more roadwork, landscaping and finishing up the last of the upper four villas.

The Royal Palm Villa, aka, Poolside Villa 1, will be polished and ready for guests this week.

We also tested some art sizing with Jason and Jillian from The St John Experience Gallery in Mongoose Junction.

As we continue to prepare for landscaping, we are building walls to support all the fruit trees and plants that will be redefining the space.

Here’s some other signs of what we’ve been up to this week…

The poolside bar is ready for sanding and polishing this week. The bottom of the bar will be tiled.

The southern pool pavilion is being wrapped in Resysta and getting more solar panels installed.

It’s also been a nice week for sunrises.

Have a great week everyone!